Hello! My name is Katherina
(you can call me Katt or Katie)

I’m a photographer based out of Stratford and Kitchener, Ontario. While my family will tell you that if I could have been born with a camera in my hand, I would have, the truth is that I have always been drawn to photography. I got my start when I began taking photos for a local yoga studio back in 2017 and fell hard for it. I decided to follow my inspiration and heart.

I truly believe that photographs can transport you back to a different time and place in your life and that they are treasures. They become autobiographical moments that we can revisit time and again. I love photographing people from all walks of life. We’re all on our own, unique journey and every session holds its own kind of magic! I strive for low-stress and fun sessions – ones that let your personality shine.

I would love to collaborate and create some beautiful images with you!

♥ Katt xx


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