Halloween 2019


I know I’m a little late to posting about Halloween but better late than never in my mind!

This year, I decided to give myself a little Halloween challenge to keep my mind preoccupied and not allow myself to continue to swirl in sadness over the loss of my precious furbaby, Alice. I’m quite happy with the results and it did, indeed, help me to find some extra joy, which is precisely why I gave myself the challenge in the first place. And while I’m still incredibly sad and hurt about losing my best furry friend, this gave me a creative outlet that I so desperately needed.

In most cases, I already had the clothes and wigs to create the looks that I wanted so that I wasn’t being wasteful and buying something for single use. I did order myself two dresses, one for Morticia Addams and the other for Bride of Frankenstein. I ordered them both from Lulus so that I would get multiple uses out of both and boy, are they adorable dresses! I can’t wait to wear them out.

Comment what you dressed up as for Halloween and what your favourite Halloween costume I created this year!

Stay spooky,
Katt xx