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Sustainable Fashion: Reformation


Welcome to the very first post regarding a topic that is quite close to my heart: sustainable fashion!

I have been passionate about animal life and the environment for as long as I can remember. Every year I seem to become less ignorant and more informed about what is going on in the world around me, and in some ways feel quite sad and helpless about it. I know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I am here, however, to tell you that I am not helpless and neither are you!

There are so many things that we can all be doing every single day to be helping out the creatures and the planet around us:
Reduce your waste.
Reuse what waste that you can.
Wash the items that you are recycling.
Eat less meat, dairy and fish.
Ride your bicycle or walk instead of driving the car.
Plant your own vegetable garden.
Have bee-friendly plants.
Stop using pesticides or insecticides.
Pick up litter when you see it.
For feminine hygiene: consider investing in less wasteful period products and do not flush tampons.
Do not toss that cigarette butt, dispose of it properly.
Leave your dandelions for the bees, it is their first food.
Support your local farmers market.
Donate to organizations that are doing the more difficult work.
Hang your clothes to dry.
Deter from products using palm oil (read all the labels.)
Do not support tourist attractions that include things such as elephant rides.
Respect and be kind to your animal/insect neighbours, they play very important roles (example: bats = fewer mosquitos, opossums = fewer ticks, bees = pollinate our food.)
Do not support brands whose ethics you do not agree with, money talks.
Support brands that you do believe in.
Consider powering your house with solar panels.
Invest in an electric car.
Purchase clothing from a sustainable brand or buy vintage.
Plus, so many other things that it’s impossible for me to narrow them all down in a post that is actually about a sustainable fashion brand!

I am here to tell you that I am NOT perfect with my sustainable practice. I wish that I was 100% in every single way but I accept that at this moment I am not, I am not even close to it and I am working toward improving all of the time. If every person tried every day to do better and to be more mindful, that would be so beneficial and helpful and I truly do believe that. We live in a world of convenience and I fall into it a lot myself. It takes just making a decision and sticking with it. Understand that sometimes it will only be baby steps that you are able to do and other times it will be big steps depending on your own personal situation. It is not a one-size-fits-all kind of world so please, do not be hard on yourself or feel so guilty, just try your best. We all deserve happy, healthy, balanced and intentional lives. But so does the planet and the rest of its residents so let us all work together and be the change. Onto the first sustainable brand item that I will be talking about on my blog!


Reformation is a fashion brand that is known for its sustainable ethics. From the packaging to the clothing itself, they are quite transparent and very environmental. I needed a new pair of jeans since my mermaid-thighs destroyed my old, favourite pair, so I figured it was high time that I tried out this brand that I had heard so much about. On the goodonyou app, an app and website that rates ethical fashion which includes people, planet and animals, they are rated really well with only a few things to improve upon. After purchasing the jeans, I received an e-mail outlining what I saved by purchasing with them compared to other popular clothing lines: 22.0 pounds of carbon dioxide, 711.0 gallons of water and 1.7 pounds of waste. Holy moly! It really does get you thinking, doesn’t it? I was already aware that denim is a huge polluter but seeing the numbers was an eye-opener.

This is a brand that I am definitely falling more in love with, not only for their ethics but for their clothing as well! They are seriously stocked with some of the cutest fashion pieces I have ever seen and I definitely have my eye on a few items.

I am so in love with my pair of jeans, by the way! They fit me just right and are comfortable, stretchy and well-made. Honestly, I’ll probably never buy jeans from another shop again. I’ve been happily converted!

IMG_6814Jeans: Reformation





Photo 2019-04-19, 1 13 31 PM

Hello again, my friend. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and to be completely honest, with how icy of a Winter it was, I was really lacking any motivation or finding little inspiration in my surroundings. I love snow but we didn’t really have so much of that as we did ice, sadly.

Now that Spring is truly here, I have got a fire in my belly and ideas whirling around in my mind. I am giddy with excitement for all of my creatives and projects!

Photo 2019-04-09, 10 07 27 PM

Nothing is in full bloom yet except for the beautiful Snowdrops. The trees around our home are starting to bud and soon enough Mother Earth will breathe life back into all of our surrounding nature. With how dreary of a Winter it was and really craving to see some greenery, Danny and I decided that a trip to our local Butterfly Conservatory was necessary!

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is MAGICAL. Butterflies, moths, snails, stick bugs, birds and nature surround you. Everyone working there is well educated on the species and being able to see them coming out of their cocoons is quite an incredible sight. I wore the most lovely yellow dress that was gifted to me from Chicwish and twirled around anywhere and everywhere that I could. It was the most lovely day!


-Katt xx

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New Years Reflection and Intention Setting

Photo 2018-12-31, 4 12 05 PM

As I sit here typing on my laptop, drinking my mulled wine and reflecting on the past year, I can’t help but marvel at all of the growth and self-awareness I have gained in 2018. I need not go over every single detail but suffice to say that where I was last year to where I am today, I am grateful and proud of myself. I set out intentions last year and made them my reality. I opened myself up to new and unexpected opportunities. My health has probably been the best it has ever been this past year, I didn’t even get sick in December which is a first! My business has bloomed in more ways than I could have ever guessed. And that’s just to name a few. My own personal self-awareness and growth have quite literally made me shake my head in amazement and have given me a whole lot of ‘aha’ moments.

Now, I am a firm believer in resolutions for myself but respectfully resolutions are not a one size fits all sort of thing. I personally love them but instead of calling them resolutions, I will call them intentions because I like the sound of that better! I set out with maybe three big ones and some little ones usually detailing around career, self-care and relationships. For 2018, my list was huge (I’m pretty certain that I had about 40 – I was overly ambitious haha) but I did cover about half of them so I think that’s a good reason as any to cheers myself with my mug of wine.

Photo 2018-12-21, 2 32 19 PM

Here are my intentions for 2019…

My big intention for self-care in BALANCE. I love being busy with life and work and social obligations but I found that I was really missing having downtime these past few months so balance is my big goal for 2019.

Other intentions include more meditation, more self-help books, more workout challenges, more self-awareness and growth, more balanced diet, more laughter and joy, more amazingly good health, more travel and adventures, more being in the moment and more self-love.

My big intention for my career is a little complicated and the reason for this is that there are multiple things that I do. I’m an entrepreneur, self-starter and I have my toes dipped in a variety of ponds. Essentially, I want to bloom in all areas of my work to points I have only daydreamed of and have financial freedom with them all. This includes my online shop/blog/social media presence/social media work/photography/and writing (I told you I do a lot of different things haha.) I intend on succeeding but also allowing new opportunities to come my way.

Other intentions include being a part of all of the local Etsy shows again, organizing my office and computer files, adding ethical clothing my shop, a ‘be the change’ section to my shop where a portion of the proceeds for certain items go toward causes and organizations that I believe in that are making a difference, learn more watercolour and hand-lettering plus to continue evolving in my art, to evolve my blog and have more opportunities open up with it for work, work on the stories I have in my head and put them onto paper, learn more about photography and have more paid opportunities with it (and at some point upgrade my camera so that my current camera is an everyday camera) and finally to grow my social media following on all accounts that I look after.

My big intention for this is to let go of relationships that do not serve me well and for the few that I can’t necessarily disconnect from, my intention is to learn how to be me and not allow their toxicity to affect me in any way. This one is exceptionally tough, especially when you feel parts of who you are cut to pieces around these people but I’ve had some tips from loved ones on how to deal.

Other intentions are to be less judgemental, more open to discussing my opinions in a safe and kind way instead of shying away or crying as I have always done, spend more time with my closest loved ones, more snuggle time with my best friend (furbaby) Alice and more adventures with Danny.

I love this list and I am 100% all for working toward them. It excites me when I look at lists and it thrills me, even more, when they are goal oriented – I know, I am such a nerd!

Do you like resolutions or intentions? If so, do you have any that you are particularly psyched for the new year?

Happy new years, kittens! May it be abundant and filled with dreams come true and lots of love and joy.

-Katt xx

Photo 2018-12-31, 4 09 43 PM

Dress: Modcloth   Sweater: H&M  Jeans: Reformation


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


November and December have been so full and abundant that I didn’t have much time to do any blogging. With the new year around the corner, I’ve decided to prioritize at least one new post a week in 2019 even when things are completely bananas! Even though I kind of disappointed myself with the lack of posts, I feel it’s a perfect opportunity to learn and something I will certainly be adding to my new year’s resolutions list!


May your holidays be merry and bright and make sure to fit in some much-deserved rest and relaxation, I know I will be. If you also celebrate Christmas like my family and I do, I hope that Santa spoils you.



Christmas Traditions


I grew up with a handful of traditions with my mom that I love and continue to do: Christmas eve PJs, picking out our real Christmas trees and decorating them, baking cookies and watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade (even though we are Canadian.)


When Danny came into my life, I decided we should have some of our own traditions as well. The Toronto Christmas Market has quickly become one of those traditions but we have a few others that I’m particularly fond of. I decorate the inside of the house while he takes care of the outdoor lights, I snap photos of us with Alice tangled up in lights by the fireplace in the basement, we go out to our favourite sushi joint and have a before or after Christmas date night there, and we watch a few Christmas movies together.


Every year that passes, the more these traditions mean to me and I count myself lucky to have them.


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Halloween Couples Costumes


I struck gold on my very first date with Danny. Not only did I find a supporter, cheerleader, confidant, best friend, lover or partner in crime, but I also found a fellow nerd in him. Within the first few months of dating, Danny and I bonded over a lot of things that we both love. One of those things being Halloween. That was over six years ago.

Every year since we have decked the house up full of spoopy Halloween decorations and helped one another with our costumes. We usually end up checking out the local Halloween shops at least three times – some years we have ended up having multiple Halloween costumes because we are that enthused for it. We carve or paint our pumpkins, play festive music, watch several Halloween films, drink hot apple cider and Pumpkin Spice Lattes and we visit the local pumpkin patches multiple times.

I love that he wants to do all of these things with me and that he is equally excited for them! When I told him I wanted to do a post for couples costumes, he didn’t even bat an eye and immediately agreed to join in on my cheesy idea, as long as he got to choose a costume too.

Most of the items we used we actually had in our closets prior to planning this out.

Happy Halloween, cuties! Stay spooky and enjoy!

Gryffindor Wizard and Hufflepuff Witch. This was my idea since I’m the big Harry Potter nerd in this relationship. I’m so happy with how these turned out! You better believe it that when we go to the Wizarding World, these scarves are coming with us!

Friday the 13th. I’m more of the horror film fan and will watch them alone at night and in the dark. He’s not as big of a fan but he’ll still watch them. He does have a big love for monsters so it wasn’t a complete shock when he said he wanted us to do a Friday the 13th look. In regards to his love of monsters, I think we’ve already decided on our costumes for next year!

The final reveal! Jimmy Jr and Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. These are our actual Halloween costumes this year. We originally had planned on Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz but with our schedules, it just didn’t happen. I’m not too disappointed though because I LOVE TINA BELCHER and I’ve been wanting to dress up as her for some time. All of what we’re wearing we pieced together from our closets. Easy peasy!


We obviously had to bring in our little Louise Belcher for a photo 😉

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Halloween Costumes With Your Feline Friend


Hello there! It’s Pocket Sized Katt with her actual pocket-sized cat, and I’m here to tell you that cats can do Halloween too. While we absolutely adore seeing pups and their people dressed up for Halloween, we have been wondering where all of the dressed up cats and their staff are at?

I love my cat. She is my sweet furbaby, is totally the best snuggler (my boyfriend will agree) and is one of my very best friends. And while I do have a post of Halloween couples costumes coming up featuring my wonderful boyfriend, Danny, I wanted to write a post that featured our adorable little soot sprite of a cat, Alice. While she may not be totally enthused about this feature, I am beyond ecstatic. Most pieces I used were items I already owned save a few exceptions.

They weren’t necessarily the easiest photos to get. She gets a little spooked being far from the house outside, she really doesn’t like to model and basically thinks that being in my arms or on my lap equals naptime but we made it work.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen: couples Halloween costumes with your little feline friend. Stop everything that you are doing right meow and take a peek at these adorable photos.

A skeleton and her pumpkin. My mom bought Alice the cutest little pumpkin outfit this year and I really wanted to figure out some way to incorporate it into these costumes. When I came across this oversized skeleton sweater from Value Village, the idea was set and ready.

Pumpkin Costume: Petsmart  Tights: Modcloth  Everything else: Old items from my closet

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. I’m not ashamed to admit that I love the show My Little Pony. I just think it’s absolutely adorable! Fluttershy and Discord (he’s hilarious) are my favourite characters and when I came across a Rainbow Dash tutu for Alice, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Fluttershy: pieces of older items I have in my closet   Fluttershy Skirt: Amazon

Mabel and Waddles from Gravity Falls (this piggy costume was so cute but way too big on her haha.) Gravity Falls is one of my favourite series and Mabel and Waddles are just too adorable, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of dressing up as the two of them.

Mabel Sweater: Hot Topic  Pet Pig Costume: Amazon

Two cute lumberjacks. This was so much fun that I think we’ll be revisiting these outfits again during the Holiday season with Danny and take some family photos.

Alice’s Onesie: from Petsmart years ago  My Onesie: La Senza Romper from last year

Soot sprites and Totoro. My Neighbor Totoro holds a very special place in my heart. I am in love with this soot sprite dress I got from Hot Topic years ago and luckily I had bought Alice her Totoro onesie a year ago (I still need one for myself.) It was a match made in heaven!

Soot Sprite Dress: old dress from Hot Topic   Totoro Onesie: Amazon

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Witch, Please


Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, The Craft, Halloweentown, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter… things I loved when I was younger and still love this very day.

The theme of witchcraft in books and film has always been something that I have adored. While I do love all of the other films and television shows I aforementioned, Practical Magic was one that I was absolutely obsessed with. I remember feeling so emotional over all of the women joining hands and I’ve always loved how they portray witches in that film. I also remember reading the book Time Cat as a child and falling in love with the tale of when they were in Salem during the witch hunt. My all-time favourite is Harry Potter. It is a book and movie series that I can read and watch over and over again. It fills my heart up. That magical world, I’ve always been a little upset that I never received a Hogwarts letter (excuse me, hello! Little Witch here!) I’m fairly certain I’m not the only person that feels this way, either!

This year, I decided that I would put together some quick and cute outfits from my closet of different witches to celebrate my love of the occult. I went with a more simplistic approach this time around but I have got some big ideas for next year. Enjoy!

Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing/Elvira    Hat: Rubies Costume Co

Old Lace Top   Skirt: Space 46 Boutique   Hat: Rubies Costume Co  

Dress: Shein   Blouse: Modcloth   Hat: Rubies Costume Co


Dress: Modcloth/Collectif  Old Hat: Joe Fresh

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The Pumpkin Patch


I adore pumpkin patches! Some of my most fond memories from childhood are of my family, friends and I going to the pumpkin patch. I don’t remember any specific details, just the overall feeling of excitement, seeing lots of pumpkins and running through the corn fields trying to get lost. Looking back on those times fills my heart up.


Nine years ago, one of my closest friends and I decided to start the annual tradition of going to the pumpkin patch together. It started out with just the two of us, sometimes another close friend would come along, and then the significant men in our lives started to participate and now she is a mother and her two children also join in on the fun. This tradition means so much to me. The fact that we have kept it going is so special and now that we get to share it with her children and experience it from a child’s perspective makes it even more magical.


Have I mentioned how much I love pumpkin patches? I try to make it out a few times every October to get a healthy dose of pumpkins and corn fields while sipping on some hot apple cider.

This year was full of sunshine and so much excitement. My favourite part remains to be picking out “the Great Pumpkin” (or pumpkins in my case!)

Do you go to the pumpkin patch during the festive season? What’s your favourite part?

ACS_1096Star dress from: Boohoo Clothing   Tights from: Modcloth