Bloom and Grow



Spring is such a sweet season. It is as if the whole world around us has life breathed back into it and all of a sudden colours of every kind surround us.

Recently, Danny and I took a little day trip out to Niagara Botanical Gardens to see the cherry blossoms and magnolias. The world was coloured in pink, white and yellow blooms! They were so breathtakingly beautiful and brought me such joy!

On this particular trip, the weather was a little on the frigid side but that has never stopped us from going out to enjoy the different seasons, together. I am so grateful to have a partner who is as adventurous and playful as I am. I even convinced him to get a few photos with me, and the one that proved to be the most challenging taking ourselves turned out to be one of my personal favourites. It was a perfect day.

Much like Autumn, cherry blossoms and magnolias are fleeting. It always leaves me feeling a little sad that they come and go so soon but perhaps that is what makes both seasons so beautiful and magical.

Did you get to enjoy these beautiful blooms this season?
xox Katt xx

Pink Dress gifted from: Chicwish
Hat from: ASOS
Floral Wrap Dress from: HM




Photo 2019-04-19, 1 13 31 PM

Hello again, my friend. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and to be completely honest, with how icy of a Winter it was, I was really lacking any motivation or finding little inspiration in my surroundings. I love snow but we didn’t really have so much of that as we did ice, sadly.

Now that Spring is truly here, I have got a fire in my belly and ideas whirling around in my mind. I am giddy with excitement for all of my creatives and projects!

Photo 2019-04-09, 10 07 27 PM

Nothing is in full bloom yet except for the beautiful Snowdrops. The trees around our home are starting to bud and soon enough Mother Earth will breathe life back into all of our surrounding nature. With how dreary of a Winter it was and really craving to see some greenery, Danny and I decided that a trip to our local Butterfly Conservatory was necessary!

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is MAGICAL. Butterflies, moths, snails, stick bugs, birds and nature surround you. Everyone working there is well educated on the species and being able to see them coming out of their cocoons is quite an incredible sight. I wore the most lovely yellow dress that was gifted to me from Chicwish and twirled around anywhere and everywhere that I could. It was the most lovely day!


-Katt xx