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New Years Reflection and Intention Setting

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As I sit here typing on my laptop, drinking my mulled wine and reflecting on the past year, I can’t help but marvel at all of the growth and self-awareness I have gained in 2018. I need not go over every single detail but suffice to say that where I was last year to where I am today, I am grateful and proud of myself. I set out intentions last year and made them my reality. I opened myself up to new and unexpected opportunities. My health has probably been the best it has ever been this past year, I didn’t even get sick in December which is a first! My business has bloomed in more ways than I could have ever guessed. And that’s just to name a few. My own personal self-awareness and growth have quite literally made me shake my head in amazement and have given me a whole lot of ‘aha’ moments.

Now, I am a firm believer in resolutions for myself but respectfully resolutions are not a one size fits all sort of thing. I personally love them but instead of calling them resolutions, I will call them intentions because I like the sound of that better! I set out with maybe three big ones and some little ones usually detailing around career, self-care and relationships. For 2018, my list was huge (I’m pretty certain that I had about 40 – I was overly ambitious haha) but I did cover about half of them so I think that’s a good reason as any to cheers myself with my mug of wine.

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Here are my intentions for 2019…

My big intention for self-care in BALANCE. I love being busy with life and work and social obligations but I found that I was really missing having downtime these past few months so balance is my big goal for 2019.

Other intentions include more meditation, more self-help books, more workout challenges, more self-awareness and growth, more balanced diet, more laughter and joy, more amazingly good health, more travel and adventures, more being in the moment and more self-love.

My big intention for my career is a little complicated and the reason for this is that there are multiple things that I do. I’m an entrepreneur, self-starter and I have my toes dipped in a variety of ponds. Essentially, I want to bloom in all areas of my work to points I have only daydreamed of and have financial freedom with them all. This includes my online shop/blog/social media presence/social media work/photography/and writing (I told you I do a lot of different things haha.) I intend on succeeding but also allowing new opportunities to come my way.

Other intentions include being a part of all of the local Etsy shows again, organizing my office and computer files, adding ethical clothing my shop, a ‘be the change’ section to my shop where a portion of the proceeds for certain items go toward causes and organizations that I believe in that are making a difference, learn more watercolour and hand-lettering plus to continue evolving in my art, to evolve my blog and have more opportunities open up with it for work, work on the stories I have in my head and put them onto paper, learn more about photography and have more paid opportunities with it (and at some point upgrade my camera so that my current camera is an everyday camera) and finally to grow my social media following on all accounts that I look after.

My big intention for this is to let go of relationships that do not serve me well and for the few that I can’t necessarily disconnect from, my intention is to learn how to be me and not allow their toxicity to affect me in any way. This one is exceptionally tough, especially when you feel parts of who you are cut to pieces around these people but I’ve had some tips from loved ones on how to deal.

Other intentions are to be less judgemental, more open to discussing my opinions in a safe and kind way instead of shying away or crying as I have always done, spend more time with my closest loved ones, more snuggle time with my best friend (furbaby) Alice and more adventures with Danny.

I love this list and I am 100% all for working toward them. It excites me when I look at lists and it thrills me, even more, when they are goal oriented – I know, I am such a nerd!

Do you like resolutions or intentions? If so, do you have any that you are particularly psyched for the new year?

Happy new years, kittens! May it be abundant and filled with dreams come true and lots of love and joy.

-Katt xx

Photo 2018-12-31, 4 09 43 PM

Dress: Modcloth   Sweater: H&M  Jeans: Reformation

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